SAS4Kids guest card maker

I know, it’s been a while, I have been so busy!  I don’t even have a card I made today.  I do have a card made by a wonderful person who’s making cards for Send A Smile 4 Kids! 🙂  Her name is Nanci Simmons, and she is a really sweet person and a very good card maker! 🙂

I have been collecting cards for Send A Smile 4 Kids and I take them to the hospital for the kids:)  Nanci sent me a batch of cards that I thought were so cute, and made with Stampin’ Up! products, that I asked if I could share some on my blog.  She said I could so I will be sharing a number of them over the next week for you all to enjoy:)

I have two for you today:


Half-fold Card1 Half-fold Card2You can see these are both very much alike, yet different:)  I love the DSP and the ribbons.  The ribbons and the central image set them apart.  I think the one on top would be good for a girl, and the bottom one would be good for a boy.  Just my opinion, who knows what the hospital will think;)

I think Nanci has done a great job of making cards for the kids, I hope you enjoy them too! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ll come again:)  I also have a second blog that you can visit HERE.  I actually have more cards over there so take a look:)




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One response to “SAS4Kids guest card maker

  1. robyncockburn

    Very much fun cards. I’m sure they’ll be appreciated.


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